Is it just hype?


“Hype” is a noun and usually refers to exaggerations (exageraciones). There is a lot of hype (bombo publicitario) when Mr. Sanchez, the Spanish Prime Minister, wants to announce a new policy.

You might not believe “the hype”. You are wise enough to see through (see through = adivina la intención de) the hype.

Now some examples:

  • Ricardo´s new Ferrari does not live up to the hype (…no está a la altura del bombo publiticario).
  • The next James Bond film will be much hyped. Will you believe the hype?
  • There has been a lot of hype about the efficacy of the Covid 19 vaccine (ha habido un gran despliegue sobre…).

There is another use, to be “hyped-up”. An example: Adrian entered the meeting all hyped-up. This means that he was very excited or that he was very anxious about something.

So do you believe the media hype or political type or do you have your “feet on the ground” (eres realista)?


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