To be

To be

To be” is an intransitive verb, (un verbo intransitivo como ser y estar en español). As in Spanish, it has no object (objeto). The verb “to be” describes the subject of the sentence. For example:

  • I am tired
  • I am poor
  • I am fed up with the politicians (estoy harto de los politicos).
  • The Labour party in England is going to ruin (a la ruina).

The verb “to be”, having no object (como en español) takes the nominative (nominativo). Regrettably (desgraciadamente), many English speakers (including native English speakers) fail to use the verb correctly.

How often have you heard the following?

  • “It is him”. This is wrong. It should be “it is he” (como en español, es el).
  • “That is her” Wrong again. It should be “that is she”.
  • “It is me”. Wrong. It should be “it is I”.
  • “It is them”. Wrong. It should be “it is they” (es ellos).

So please do not join the “great unwashed” and make the above mistakes. You could teach some English speakers how to use their language correctly.

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