Blond or Blonde?

Blond and Blonde

In English a man is “blond” (rubio) and a lady is “blonde”. Blond and blonde mean fair complexion and light-coloured hair. In this context “blonde” and “blond” are adjectives. Here is a simple example:

  • Mr.Trump is blond.

“Blonde” and “blond” are also nouns. Consider these:

  • The tall blond bought a hat.
  • The tall blonde bought a hat.

In the first example, the “tall blond” is a man, given the spelling. You could have written “the tall blond man bought a hat”. That would be a tautology (repetition of the same idea and likely to confuse ordinary mortals), as the word “blond” can only refer to a man.

However, the Americans only use “blond” (for male and female). So imagine the confusion when an Englishman reads: “she is blond”. Is the mistake with “she” or “blond”? Who knows? Ask Mr. Trump.

There would also be confusion when the Americans write “the tall blond bought a hat”. For an Englishman, the reference is to a male. For the Americans, which gender bought the hat – male or female? Ask Mr. Trump.


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