Can you take a hint?

Can you take a hint?

“Hint” is a noun and a verb. To hint at something to a mortal is to give someone a clue (pista) or tip, or to “make an allusion to” (dar a entender) something. Please mull over (mull over = reflexionar sobre) the following.

  • Why cannot you take a hint (¿por qué no puedes entender una indirecta?)?
  • A hint (un consejo): improve your use of idioms.
  • Do you get the hint?

If something has a “hint of…” it means there is a small amount. Consider these:

  • There was not a hint of sugar (ni una pizca de azúcar en…) in the organic chocolate.
  • The pasta sauce has a hint of basil (…un toque de albahaca).

Now, as a verb.

  • Mr. Sanchez, the Spanish Prime Minister, has hinted at the possibility (…ha dado a entender…) of an election in January.
  • Mr. Podemos yesterday hinted (…ayer dio a entender…) that he wanted to return to politics.

So, perhaps you drop a hint to somebody sometimes, take a hint, and notice a hint of a herb or a flavour in a dish.


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