Do you like the limelight?

Do you like the limelight

“Light” (luz) you will know. Lime has two meanings: the fruit (lima) and a substance, calcium oxide (cal) obtained from limestone (caliza).

So what is “limelight”? First, some history. Many moons ago, in the theatres in England, calcium oxide was heated to produce a white light (la luz de calcio), the light for the stage (escenario). So the actors on the stage could be seen thanks to the light produced from lime.

So now the word is used figuratively (figuradamente) to refer to a mortal that seeks public attention or is receiving public attention. Examine these sentences.

  • Mr. Johnson, the British Prime Minister, is in the limelight this week.
  • A beautiful hand-made hat is all you need to be in the limelight (…para acaparar la atención).
  • Mr. Sanchez, the Spanish Prime Minister, dreamed of being in the limelight (…sonó con estar en el candelero desde…) from when he was young.

So are you going to be in the limelight this week? Who knows?


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