Tasty and tasteful


Food and drink can be tasty (sabrosa), or not. So you can have a tasty dish (un plato sabroso) or a tasty drink.

“Tasteful” is different and not to be used in the context of food and drink. A room can be tasteful, or tastefully decorated. For example:

  • I thought the green paint in the living room was tasteful (…era de buen gusto).

What you say can also be tasteful (con delicadeza o de buen gusto). Someone can make a “tasteful remark” (una observación de buen gusto) about someone or something, or a flower arrangement (arreglo floral) can be tasteful.

The opposite is tasteless. This can be used for food and drink. If someone says something that is rude or inconsiderate, then it is a remark in “bad taste”.



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