Involved in a holdup?


Have you ever been involved in a holdup? The answer is yes. “Holdup” has 3 uses.

It can be a robbery (robo) often using guns, that is, an armed robbery, (un asalto o atraco, a mano armada). An example: a bank employee was injured in the holdup.  

Another use relates to traffic delays. Often in the north of Tenerife, there are holdups on the dual carriageway that goes to La Laguna and Santa Cruz. You could say there was a “traffic jam” (embotellamiento o atasco)) or there was a holdup. So, sometimes you may have to apologise for being late, and the reason could be that there was a traffic holdup.

The third use refers to a delay or stoppage (demora o retraso). An example: I do not know the reason for the holdup in the payment of my salary (no sé el motivo de la demora …).

¿So, have you been involved in many holdups? Probably!


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