Do you make blunders?


I hope not. Some people make or commit blunders. Politicians sometimes make blunders, and therefore they are “blunderers”.

A blunderer (metepatas) is a person who makes serious mistakes, usually because the person is unthinking (irreflexivo) and careless (descuidado).

It is also a verb – to blunder. In Spanish you might say that the person “comete unos graves errores” or it could be someone who makes a stupid mistake, “una person que comete un error garrafal”.

Some examples:

  • Mr. Corbyn, the Labour Leader in the UK, made another blunder when he failed to stop the Labour Party´s abusive (insultante) behaviour towards Jews.
  • My biggest blunder in the exam was to leave a question unanswered (mi major metedura de pata en el examen fue dejar una pregunta en blanco).
  • Stop blundering about! To “blunder about” is to move about in clumsy (torpe, patoso) way.
  • Mr. Trump “blundered into” a meeting, meaning that he entered in a clumsy and noisy way.
  • Mr. Putin blundered around in the dark (…andaba dando tumbos el la oscuridad).
  • What a blunder! In other words, what a big and careless mistake.

So do not make blunders and do not blunder into meetings, and therefore you will not be a blunderer.


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