Omnishambles in Spain?


“Omnishambles” is used to describe a situation that is a mess, where many things have gone wrong, or are going wrong, or there have been many blunders (grandes errores/fallos).

Contemplate these examples.

  • Some mortals say that the situation in Spain is an omnishambles, because many aspects are a mess (un lio): high unemployment, high taxes, government divisions, government dithering (vacilación), much more.
  • France is in a state of omnishambles: many strikes and violence with the supposed issue being a change to 64 as the retirement age. You could also say France is in a state of chaos with many strikes (huelgas).
  • The situation in Dover (the English port which mortals use to travel to France) is an omnishambles: total chaos, enormous delays due to bad planning and organization.

Can you think of any other examples of omnishambles?


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