Drones and drones

Drones and drones

Drone has many meanings. One meaning (dron/drone) you may have seen frequently in the context of military operations. Sometimes, companies use drones to take photographs.

A drone can be a pilotless aircraft, a missile (misil), a male bee, and can also refer to how a person speaks.

Contemplate these:

  • Mr Sanchez, the Spanish Prime Minister, is always “droning on” (siempre habla pesadamente sobre/habla sin cesar…) about the need for higher taxes.
    If a mortal drones on he speaks in a boring, monotonous (monótono) and repetitive way.
  • Drones (zánganos) are male bees, have no sting (no tienen aguijón) and they do not make honey.
  • Mr. Morales heard a strange drone (…un zumbido curioso durante…) while visiting La Moncloa in Madrid. A drone is therefore a low noise, and engines can make a drone.
  • Politicians often drone on, and sometimes authorize drones to be sent to other countries to destroy buildings and the drones can be heard by mortals.

So, do you sometimes drone on?


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