Poisoning the well (Envenenando el pozo)

Poisoning the well

Before the advent of modern plumbing people would visit the village/town well to collect water. If this water was not fresh then there was the possibility that the entire population could get sick. In ancient times cutting-off or even poisoning a water supply was a good way of defeating one’s enemies.

In modern English we tend to say that someone is ‘poisoning the well’ in a metaphorical sense. For example, they might be saying negative things about someone, or trying to create a negative atmosphere in order to sabotage a situation. For example –

  • ‘I wouldn’t listen to what Cath says… she is just trying to poison the well and make trouble’.
  • ‘Clive is so jealous of his brother’s new cafe that he keeps poisoning the well and saying the food is bad… It’s actually delicious!’.

Written by Keith Kinsella, Tutor at The Harrogate International Academy


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