Do you sometimes grouse?


Perhaps. “Grouse” is a noun with two meanings and a verb.

First, a grouse (urogallo) is a type of wild bird found in Scotland and Northern England – it is generally red and is often called “red grouse” (lagópodo escocés). It is sometimes roasted (asado) for Sunday lunch. Other varieties of grouse are black, known as black grouse (gallo lira).

Second, a “grouser” is a person who is always or habitually complaining about something. A similar word in Spanish might be “quejica”. An example:

  • Mr. Corbyn is a grouser – he is always complaining about life in England.

A “grouse” is another word for complaint (queja). As a verb it means to complain (quejarse de o gruñir). Let´s look at some examples:

  • What is Mr. Morales grousing about? This is the same as: what is Mr. Morales complaining about?
  • He has groused about Brexit.
  • I have a grouse about the Cambridge Advanced Exam = I have a complaint about…
  • The Labour Party is grousing about Mr. Corbyn´s incompetence.

So people sometimes have a grouse. A grouse is the same as a “gripe”.


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