Do you have a knack for something?


A “knack” could be a skill, a mannerism (manierismo), or an innate (innato) skill. Consider these sentences:

  • Mr. Corbyn does not have the knack for rousing an audience to action (… no tiene el don de empujar al público a la acción). This means that he does not have the special skills to rouse (animar) people.
  • Mr. Ricardo has the knack for playing the piano well. This means he has a special skill that might be innate.
  • Mr. Morales will never learn the knack of poaching an egg. This means that he is unlikely to acquire the skills to poach (escalfar) an egg.
  • Mr.Junker, the EU President, has a knack of always putting his foot in it (…tiene el don de meter siempre la pata).
  • Mrs Merkel has the knack for drawing animals (… tiene mucha habilidad para dibujar animales).
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