“Flock” is a noun and a verb. First, as a verb. A large number of sheep or birds together is a flock: a flock (bandada) of birds, a flock (rebaño) of sheep. You can also use it to refer to lots of people: a flock (tropel) of people. Here are some examples:

  • I saw a flock of geese (gansos) flying through the La Orotava valley.
  • While walking in the Yorkshire Dales (a beautiful region in the north of England) I saw many flocks of sheep (vi muchos rebaños).
  • There was a large flock of people in Puerto de la Cruz yesterday.

A flock can also be a church congregation (fieles). Here is an example:

  • Mr. Souto preaches to his flock every week.

Now as a verb. It means “move in numbers”. Examine these:

  • The people flocked to the main square in La Orotava (la gente fue en tropel hacia la plaza principal in La Orotava).
  • The clowns flocked around (los payasos se apiñaban en torno al Señor Corbyn) Mr. Corbyn.
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