Are you a peddler?


Perhaps. Who knows (¿quién sabe)?

A peddler (vendedor ambulante) is a travelling salesperson, someone who sells things from the streets. In some cities in Tenerife you sometimes will see people “peddling” watches, handbags and other things.

In many countries there are “drug peddlers” or drug dealers (traficantes de drogas). Sometimes mortals are “peddlers of gossip” (chismosos).

Some politicians are “peddlers of fear” (difusores/propagadores de miedo). Politicians sometimes “peddle an ideology” (hacen proselitismo), that is, they aggressively try to sell or push their political view.

So “peddle” is also a verb. An example:

  • Last week Mr. Sanchez, the Spanish Prime Minister, peddled the benefits of the political pardons in Catalunya.

So, are you a peddler?


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