Chin Chin!


You may know “Chin-Chin” (¡chin-chin!). It is used when you would like to toast (to toast = brindar a alguien) someone or some mortals. So, let´s drink to the health of Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister. Chin-Chin!

Chin (el mentón) is a noun. Here our focus is on expressions that use “chin”. Contemplate these:

  • Mr. Morales and Mr. Vox were chin-wagging (charlando) about the terrible state of the Spanish economy in the pub (taberna) near no. 10 Downing Street (where Mr. Boris Johnson lives). To chin-wag means to chat (charlar).
  • We live in difficult times, due to the Covid 19 virus. We have to “keep our chins up” despite the problems. ¡Animo!

This means that we have to be positive even though the times are tough (muy difícil).  We should keep our chins up (no deberíamos perder el animo a pesar de las circunstancias). You could say “chin up” when you want someone to be more positive and resolute (resuelto).

  • We have to take the hardships (las deprivaciones) “on the chin”. That means that we have to tolerate the situation without complaining (tenemos que encajar el golpe/las deprevaciones).

So, keep your chin up (no te desanimes), and take the new measures against the virus “on your chin”.   


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