To pelt


“Pelt” has a number of uses. It is a noun: an animal´s pelt (pellejo/piel/cuero) is an animal´s skin. Many moons ago settlers in the prairies in the USA used pelts as a form of payment (…usaban pieles como forma de pago).

It is also a verb. Sometimes mortals “pelt” tomatoes, eggs and stones at politicians. Some examples:

  • They pelted eggs at the Spanish Prime Minister (arrojaron huevos al Primer Ministro).
  • Adrián pelted a tomato at the dictator.

You can also pelt someone with questions: journalists often pelt politicians with questions. An example: the TV journalists pelted him with questions (lo acribillaron a preguntas).

When it is raining heavily one can say “it is pelting down” (está lloviendo a cántaros).

If you are in a hurry, you might “pelt off” (salir como un rayo), and sometimes people work at “full pelt” (ir a todo correr).

So, there is no doubt that you have pelted off from a meeting, worked at full pelt, been outside when it was pelting down, and perhaps pelted questions at someone.  

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