Are you dogged?


You have probably been “dogged” in your life. If you descibe a mortal as “dogged” (tenaz, porfiado) you are saying that he is determined to achieve something, even though the situation is difficult.

So, there is “dogged determination” (determinación tenaz) and “dogged persistence” (persistencia tenaz).

There is also an adverb, doggedly (tenazmente), and the noun is doggedness (tenacidad).

Contemplate these sentences:

  • Many of Mrs. Thatcher´s (the British Prime Minister in the 1980s) achievements were a result of her doggedness.
  • We must fight doggedly for low taxation in Spain.
  • Mr. Johnson, the British Prime Minister, has a dogged commitment to realism.
  • I am dogged by bad luck (me persigue la mala suerte).
  • Spain is dogged by red tape and high taxes (España se ve empañado por la burocracia y los impuestos altos). To “be dogged by” (characterized negatively = caracterizado negativamente) means that something or something is badly affected by something.

So, you have probably  been dogged in pursuing something, been dogged by Spanish red tape, and we all have had to fight doggedly for something. Life is not a bed of roses (…no es un lecho de rosas) especially with Covid 19. Would you like to review the idioms using “dog”? Click here


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