There is more to bananas (la palabra tiene más significados) than just the fruit.

A person can “go bananas” which means they become very angry on hearing some (bad) news. And perhaps someone has “driven you bananas”, meaning that they made you feel frustrated and angry.

Some people are “top bananas”. Mr. Sanchez is the top banana in the Spanish government. This means he is the top dog (el gallo del lugar) or the boss (el jefe). A “second banana” would be his deputy prime minister, the second highest position in the government.

You may have seen the phrase “a banana republic”: it is a corrupt and weak country. Venezuela is a good example.

Have you ever been to Cologne in Germany? There you might have seen a drawing of a banana at the entrance of some buildings. This “banana” is a symbol that means that the business that is located there is very creative.

Will bananas ever be the same again? ¿Los plátanos volverán nunca a ser el mismo?



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