Been and Gone

Been and Gone

Sometimes there is confusion over these words.

Let´s start with “been” and an example:

  • Mr. Morales has been to London (…ha estado en Londres).

“Been” means that he has gone and has returned from London (ya ha vuelta de Londres) and he is not there now (no sigue allí).

Now contemplate this example:

  • Mr. Rajoy, the Spanish Prime Minister, has gone (ha ido a …) to London.

He is there now (sigue allí todavía). So “has gone” refers to someone who has gone somewhere, and has not returned (se refiere a alguien que ha ido a un lugar pero que aún no ha regresado).

Here are some more examples:

  • Mr. Podemos has gone to North Korea (…ha ido a… y ha vuelto).
  • Mr. Podemos has gone to the psychiatrist (ha ido al psiquiatra y sigue allí).

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