Say Cheese

say cheese

«Cheese» (queso) you may know. Here the focus is on expressions that use “cheese”. Examine these:

• I am cheesed off with the government´s policy. To be “cheesed off with” something or someone means that you are fed up or angry. In Spanish, perhaps you would say “estoy hasta las narices de…”

• Mr. Rajoy was a big cheese in the Popular Party. If someone is a “big cheese” he is one of the top people in the organisation or company. So Mr. Rajoy was a “pez gordo”.

• Let´s imagine that you have to pay more taxes, and your “unsympathetic friend” (amigo poco comprensivo) says to you: “hard cheese” = que mala suerte!

When the English wish to take a photo of a mortal, they often say “say cheese” (¡a ver, una sonrisa).

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