Should Spain defenestrate Mr. Sanchez?


To “defenestrate” someone is to dismiss or sack (despedir a…) that mortal.

The action, the noun, is “defenestratión”. The word is similar in Spanish: defenestración.

The word can also mean to throw something or someone out of a window, The word has its origins from Prague in 1681 when some officials were thrown out of a window for not allowing religious freedom. The word comes from the Latin word “fenestra” and is similar to the German word for window (fenster).

Nowadays, it means to “fire” or “sack” someone because the mortal is doing a bad job.

Some examples:

  • Mr. Sanchez, the Spanish Prime Minister, should defenestrate the Canarian PSOE politicians who have been involved in corruption in Lanzarote.
  • Will the Spanish people defenestrate Mr. Sanchez in this year´s election? The opinión polls (sondeos) suggest that his defenestration is likely.

So, are you going to defenestrate someone this year?


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