“Table” (mesa) you may know. In English we “set the table” (poner la mesa) and we “clear the table” (quitar la mesa).

We put “something on the table” (poner algo sobre el tapete). For example, the European Union will put its Brexit plan on the table. There is also the phrase “table talk” meaning light talk (poco serio, una conversación de sobremesa).

Let´s now look at the idioms that use “table”:

  • Mr. Corbyn is trying to turn the tables on Mrs. May (…esta intentando volver las tornas a…)
  • Some politicians are trying to get their feet under the table (…están intentando hacerse un hueco)
  • Some people accept money under the table (…aceptan dinero bajo mano)

If you wish to say no to another glass of wine or brandy, then you could say “I will be under the table if I have any more wine” (si bebo más vino no voy a tenerme en pie).


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