¿Are you stuck in a rut?


First, “rut” as a noun. A “rut” is a furrow (surco) made by a wheel. A car can get “stuck in a rut”.

It is also a noun related to animals such as deer (ciervo) and other ruminants (rumiantes) such as sheep and goats. Some animales “rut” (celo), meaning that there is sexual activity for breeding purposes. Those animals are “rutting”.

Here our interest is in the expressions using rut.

A mortal can be “stuck in a rut”, or “stuck in a routine” (ser esclavo de la rutina). Someone could “be in a rut” at work with little hope of a job that is more challenging or interesting. If you are not careful you could “get into a rut”.

People in a rut might want to “get out of a rut” (salir de la rutina) or a tedious (tedioso) routine by making changes at work or in life in general.  

¿So, are you stuck in a rut?


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