“Whatever” has different meanings depending (dependiendo de) on the context. It can mean the following:

  • It is not important.
  • It makes no difference. You are indifferent (indiferente) to the options.
  • It does not matter (no importa, me da igual).

Some examples:

  • Whatever the weather (sea cual sea el tiempo en Inglaterra, iremos…) in England we will go there on holiday.
  • Whatever Mr. Morales says (cualquier cosa que diga Mr. Morales) Mr. Sanchez says the opposite.
  • I will learn English whatever the cost (cueste lo que cueste, aprenderé el inglés).
  • Would you like to go to the opera or the ballet? Whatever (como quieras, no me importa).
  • For whatever reason (cualquiera sea la razón,…) Sanchez copied some text.
  • Whatever I say (lo que yo diga) it makes no difference (no hace ninguna diferencia…) to Mr. Podemos.

One can also “do whatever you want” (= no restrictions = ningunas restricciones), buy whatever you want (if only! = ¡ojala!) and cook whatever you want.


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