Are you mighty?

Are you mighty

“Might” you may know.

An example: I might (quizás, es posible que vaya…) go to Patagonia in January to visit the penquins.

“Mighty” is different. It is a plural noun and an adjective. First, as a noun.

  • How the mighty (los ponderosos) have fallen. Perhaps in Spanish you would say “cómo han caído los ponderosos”. Mighty here is plural.

Mighty, as an adjective means powerful, great or onmipotent (omnipotente).

Some examples:

  • Mr Johnson, the British Prime Minister, needs to make a mighty (grandisimo) effort to improve the country if he wants to remain as Prime Minister. In other words a great effort is required.
  • You need to make a mighty effort should you wish to pass the Cambridge Advanced English exam.

We can also talk about “God´s mighty power” (la omnipotencia de Dios).

So perhaps you might have to make a mighty effort to achieve something, then be part of the mighty in Spain, and then fall as the mighty have done throughout the ages (= a lo largo de la historia). Who knows?


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