“Thus” is an adverb and can mean “so far” “until now”, “in this way” (de este modo), “as a result”, “consequently”   and “therefore”. Here are some examples:

  • Thus far the government´s measures have not shown results (hasta ahora las medidas del gobierno no han dado resultados).
  • Inflation thus results from a currency devaluation (la inflación por lo tanto resulta de la devaluación de una moneda).
  • All the evidence is thus discredited (descrédito). You could write “all the evidence is therefore discredited” or “as a result all the evidence is discredited”. “Thus” is better here for the simple reason that it is shorter.
  • Do it thus (hazlo así).
  • Thus, everyone decided to vote for the Popular Party (por consiguiente, todos decidieron votar por el Partido Popular).


Other options to say the same are: “consequently, everyone decided….” Or “as a result everyone decided….” or “therefore everyone decided…” Again, “thus” is simpler for everyone.

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