Trundling along?


To “trundle” is to progress slowly and perhaps with difficulty. It also refers to something on wheels that is moving slowly. Some examples:

  • Gilberto trundled (rodaba) down the street.
  • The farmer used to trundle (solía tirar) his cart to the market.

Mortals and organisations also “trundle along” and “trundle in”. Some examples:

  • The Spanish government has been trundling along (avanzando lentamente y con dificultades) with the Covid vaccines.
  • Adrian trundled into the English Academy and fell into a chair (…entró pesadamente… y se desplomó en una silla,)

Should a mortal ask you “how are things”, you might say “trundling along”. You are saying that life is perhaps difficult, progressing slowly or things are nothing special.

There is also the noun, a trundle. Perhaps you have a trundle (cama nido o cama de abajo) at home. So how about you (¿y a ti?)? How is life? Trundling along?


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