¿Media – singular or plural?


“Media” is a plural word, and the singular is “medium”. Often media is used incorrectly. Examine this sentence:

This means newspapers, televisión, and radio: in this case three types of medium. One medium could be newspapers, another medium radio, and another televisión.

If someone says the media has covered the story, and he is only referring to newspapers, that person has made a mistake. The correct option is:

  • A medium (newspapers) covered the story.

The medium is how the message or news is delivered. In this example newspapers is the medium.

“Medium” you will also know as being the middle of something, or the size of something, or something similar to “average”. Some examples:

  • Ricardo is writing a medium-sized book.
  • Mr Johnson, the British Prime Minister, is of medium height.

In art, the medium (medio) can be the material or techniques used in a painting. “Mediums” is the plural for spiritualists (medíum) and the singular is medium.


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