Do you use limpet adjectives?


Perhaps you have, but beware of the error.

First, the word limpet (lapa). It is a shell fish and many mortals enjoy limpets served with Canarian mojo sauce, or a garlic and olive oil sauce.

Limpets are shell fish that firmly attach (to attach = adjuntar) themselves to rocks so they are difficult to remove. That you may know.

So words that are commonly attached to another word are like limpets, difficult to stop the links and use – due to habits. So “limpet” is an adjective too.

Yet many unthinking mortals use “limpet” adjectives with a noun, and do so incorrectly.
To understand the point, examine these:

  • “Absolute truth”. If something is the truth, it is the truth. The truth is absolute, so absolute adds nothing but confusión and reveals an unthinking mind (una mente irreflexiva).

    Yes, mortals sometimes say “half truths”, but we are talking about? 40%, 50%? Which part is half true? Who knows? One aspect could be true, another false, yes, but was are talking about “aspects”. A statement is either true or false
  • “Close proximity”. Proximity ( = proximidad) means “close” So, “close” is redundant and confusing: an error.
  • End result (the result is something at the end of a process, so “end” is redundant).
  • Free gift: a gift is not to be paid for. Perhaps you may have seen the Spanish publicity : “un regalo gratis”. Unthinking minds abound (abundan).
  • Personal friend: friends are personal, so friends is redundant. A mortal can have a close friend or a distant friend, but those are different.
  • Safe haven: a haven (refugio) is a safe place, so safe is redundant and reveals an unthinking mortal. Do you know of a “dangerous “haven?
  • Unexpected surprise.
  • Work colleague: colleagues are people you work with, so “work” is redundant.

There are many other stupidities that mortals commit. Perhaps, for a later article.


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