Safe haven?

Safe haven

You may have heard mortals talk about a “safe haven”. Those mortals are often “unthinking” (irreflexivos). Why?

The concept of a haven (refugio) includes the idea of safety, a place where one is protected from difficulties or great troubles. So, using the word “safe” next to “haven” is an error, a repetition of the same idea. A haven is a safe place.

Here are some examples of the use of haven:

  • The Carribean islands were a haven (…eran un refugio para piratas…) for pirates and criminals.
  • Mr. Podemos would like to live in a tax haven. A “tax haven” is a place where taxes are low, or a “tax paradise” (paraíso fiscal).
  • Going to a peaceful place or a “haven of rest” (lugar de calma, de descanso) is what I need for at least a month.

So, perhaps you should move to a tax haven, which may also be a haven of rest, a safe place where pirates and criminals do not use as a haven. Any suggestions?


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