To wriggle out


“Wriggle” (retorcerse o avanzar serpenteando) is a verb and it means to move sinuously (sinuosamente) like a worm (gusano) or snake. A person who wriggles is a “wriggler” (perillón). Examine these:

  • Mr. Sanchez  wriggled in his seat (…se movía inquieto en su asiento).
  • Mr. Podemos wriggled his toes (…movió los dedos de los pies).
  • Stop wriggling! (¡deja de retorcerte!).
  • Mr. Podemos will wriggle in discomfort when he gets the election results (… se retorcerá desconcertado cuando obtenga…)

“To wriggle out of” (zafarse) something means to try to avoid doing something, or to have difficulty to remove some clothing. Examples:

  • Mr. Macron tried to wriggle out of the Brexit meeting (…intentó zafarse de la reunión de Brexit).
  • Mr. Macron should not try to wriggle out of the meeting (…no debería tratar de zafarse de la reunión).
  • Leila wriggled out of her tight jeans with difficulty (…se quitó los vaqueros apretados con dificultad). 

So, a person can wriggle in a chair, usually in discomfort (physical, or as a result of some news), and wriggle out of meetings. Either way (de cualquier manera), the person is a wriggler.


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