Economic recovery in Spain? A forlorn hope?


“Forlorn is an adjective and can be used to describe people, a cottage (casita de campo), town or a place, or something that has little hope. Examine these examples:

  • Mr. Macron, the French President, looks forlorn. This means that he looks sad or melancholic. Perhaps in Spanish you would say that Mr. Macron “tiene aspecto triste”.
  • Mr. Sanchez owns a forlorn (abandonada) cottage.
  • An attempt to do something could be forlorn (desesperado). An example: Mr Sanchez´s plan to reduce unemployment is “a forlorn hope” (una vana esperanza).

The adverb is “forlornly”. A person may try to do something in a forlornly manner (sin demasiado entusiasmo).


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