The word “day” you know. It is also used in idioms (modismos). Let´s look at some examples:

  • It is plain as day (es tan claro como el agua). You could say it is plain as day (es obvio) that Mr. Trump is going to be controversial in some areas.
  • Mr. Sanchez´s days are numbered (Señor Sanchez tiene los días contados).
  • Mr. Sanchez should “call it a day” (…darse por vencido).
  • Mr. Sanchez has had his day (…está acabado).
  • The Conservative Party should “carry the day” in the election (…debería triunfar en las elecciones).
  • The 1980´s – those were the days (…fue la buena época)!
  • It is all in a day´s work (son gajes del oficio).

So let´s call it a day for now (terminemos ya).

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