Beset by problems?


“To be beset” has a range of meanings. It can mean having persistent problems, and to be surrounded by something (problems/things). It collocates with “with” or “by”.

Contemplate these examples.

  • Geneva is beset with (…ésta rodeada de…) high mountains. Here it means surrounded by mountains.
  • King Charles, the King of Great Britain, has a Crown beset with (tiene incrustaciones de piedras especiales) special stones.
  • Spain is a country beset with (or plagued by) economic difficulties (…plagado de dificultades).
  • Some parts of northern Spain have been beset by floods.
  • Mr. Sanchez, the Spanish Prime Minister, is beset (…le assalta las dudas…) with doubts over Podemos.

So King Charles of Great Britian lives in a palace beset by gardens and trees, and is King of a country beset by strikes, and the country is beset with considerable economic difficulties.


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