Tailors measure girths

Tailors measure girths

“Girth” has a number of uses. Horses wearing a saddle (silla de montar) also have a girth (cincha), that is, a strap (correa) that goes around the horse´s body to keep the saddle in position.

Now imagine that you have an appointment with your tailor (sastre) for your next hand-made suit. The tailor will measure your girth (contorno) as part of the process to make a perfect fitting suit.

Trees have girths (circunferencias) too.

Examine these examples.

  • The tailor will measure your girth during the first appointment.
  • The girth of the tree (…la circunferencia del tronco…) in Gilberto´s garden is enormous.
  • An ample girth (contorno voluminoso) may be a sign of poor health and bad lifestyle.
  • Please check the girth before you get on the saddle.

So perhaps a mortal with a wide girth, checks the horse´s girth before riding to his tailor who then checks his girth!


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