Are you a wag?


“Wag” (sacudir, mover, menear) is a verb you may know. Some examples:

  • The dog wagged its tail (el perro sacudió la cola).
  • Mr. Podemos wagged his finger at Mrs. Merkel (…hizo un gesto admonitorio con el dedo a…)
  • Mr. Sanchez was shouting and wagging his finger at Mr. Casado (…gritaba y movía el dedo arriba y abajo a…).

As a noun, here are some examples:

  • The dog gave a wag of its tail (el perro sacudió la cola).
  • Mr. Trump is a wag.

Are you a wag? Probably, sometimes.  A wag is a witty person, a joker or a humourist. In Spanish, you might say “bromista”.  Another example:

  • Mr. Morales makes me laugh: he is a wag (Mr. Morales me hace reir: es muy ingenioso).

There are also two expressions that use wag:

  • Tongues will wag (se dará a hablar).
  • Tongues are wagging about the relationship between Mr. Putin and Mr. Trump (las malas lenguas hablaban de las relaciones entre el Señor Putin y el Señor Trump).

So, perhaps, sometimes you are a wag, and sometimes you wag your finger at someone, and sometimes people are wagging about you. That is life!


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