To debar someone


“Debar” is a (regular) verb and the context is normally negative. To debar someone is to exclude (excluir), prohibit (prohibir a alguien de algo), or deny (negar) someone the option to do something. A person can be “debarred” from doing something. The preposition “with” follows the verb as a collocation.

Some examples:

  • Mr. Morales has been debarred from holding public office (…ha sido inhabilitado para ocupar cargos públicos).
  • Mr. Sánchez was debarred from taking his final exam (se lo prohibió presentar al examen final).
  • Carlos has been debarred from the nightclub (…ha sido excluido…).

Politicians are often debarred from holding public office or government jobs if their behaviour is found to be illegal or inappropriate (impropio).

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