Have you ever displayed ire?


If someone shows ire, it is an obvious display of anger. Examine these sentences:

  • Mr. Sanchez´s plan to raise taxes has drawn the ire of the people (…ha provocado la ira de la gente).

“Ire” (ira) is another word for anger or wrath (furor). It is a noun, and the adjective is “ireful”.

  • Despite the ire of Mr. Sanchez (a pesar de la cólera del Señor Sanchez…), Mr. Podemos has suggested taxes of 80% on the middle class.

Now the adjective and adverb (irefully).

  • He is such an ireful (iracundo) person, always displaying his anger.
  • He irefully (airadamente) attacked the government´s plans for lower taxes.

So, have you ever displayed ire? Or perhaps behaved irefully? Has a mortal sometimes said that you are ireful?  


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