“Pluck” is a noun, and it means courage (valentía, coraje). For example, “Mr. Sanchez does not have a lot of pluck”, meaning that he does not have a lot of courage. Some examples:

  • It takes pluck to do that (hace falta mucho valor para hacer esto).
  • He has a lot of pluck (tiene muchas agallas).

It is also an adjective: plucky (valiente, corajudo). Here is an example: he is a plucky person.

Now as a verb. A person can “pluck” a chicken (desplumar una gallina), and sometimes ladies pluck their eyebrows (depilarse las cejas). We can “pluck up” the courage (armarse de valor) to do something.

If you play the string bass or the guitar, sometimes you pluck (puntear) the strings.

Finally there is an expression, which is similar to suddenly come up with an idea. Sometimes we “pluck an idea out of thin air” (tener una idea al vuelo).

So you can be plucky, have a lot of pluck, pluck up courage to do something, pluck a quail (codorniz), pluck a cello, and pluck ideas from thin air.


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