Advice and Advise

Advice and Advise

These two words are sometimes confused. “Advice” is a noun, and “advise” is a verb. Please note the spelling (la ortografía).

Let´s start with “advice”. Advice is “consejo” and “asesoramiento”. Advice” is not countable, so you might give someone “some advice”, a piece of advice (un consejo) or “three pieces” of advice. Examine these examples:

  • I am going to follow his advice (voy a sequir su consejo).
  • Mr. Sanchez ignored my advice (…ignoró mis consejos).
  • Let me give you some advice (permíteme que te aconseje).
  • I need your advice (necesito que me aconsejes).

“Advice” can also have a professional context. Examine these:

  • Mr. Sánchez needs expert advice (…necesita el asesoramiento de un experto).
  • José is going to seek legal advice (…va a consultar a un abogado).

Let´s study “advise”. It is a verb, and it collocates with a preposition. Examine these:

  • We have advised the police and they will arrive here soon (hemos notificado a la policía y estarán aquí pronto).
  • Mr. Morales has been hired to advise the Queen about matters of state (… ha sido contratado para que aconsejara a la reina en cuestiones de estado).

You can also “advise someone against something” which is similar to “warn against” Here is an example:

  • They warned me not to sell my house (me aconsejaron que no vendiera la casa) which is the same as “they advised me not to sell my house”. “Warn” is a little stronger than “advised”.

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