That is complete poppycock!


“Poppy” (amapola), the flower, you may know, and “cock” (gallo, macho) too. “Poppycock” is not connected with these two words. Poppycock refers to something that is untrue or nonsensical (absurdo). Perhaps in Spanish similar words might be tonterías or paparruchas.

The word, in use in the English language from the 19th century, comes from the Dutch word “poppekak” and had a different meaning.

Some examples:

  • What Mr. Putin, the Russian dictator, says about many things is complete poppycock.
  • Mr. Sanchez ́s recent speech about the Spanish economy was full of poppycock.
  • On the 1st of April, known as April Fool ́s Day, the British newspapers print a story that is absolute poppycock.
  • What Mr. Maduro, the Venezuelan dictator, says is always poppycock.

So, have you ever been guilty of poppycock? Perhaps, in humour?


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