You are cramping my style!


“Cramp” you may know. You have cramp in a muscle or cramp (calamabre, rampa) in your leg. Sometimes, people have “stomach cramp” (retortijones en el estómago).

A room can also be cramped (poco espacio), that is, there is too little space. Sometimes mortals work in cramped conditions (condiciones muy estrechas en el trabajo).

You may have had the experience where people were “cramping” your progress (obstaculizando su progreso).

So what about “cramping your style?

It means interfering with how someone is going to do something, and the person feels restricted and angry, not allowing the person to give a uninterrupted presentation or speech. An example: “you are cramping my style”. Perhaps in Spanish you would say “me cortas las alas” o “interfieres con mi estilo”.

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