Financial squalls ahead?

Financial squalls ahead?

“Squalls” (borrascas) you may know: they are gusts of wind and rain. There are other uses too. Babies often squall (chillan), and a squall can be a loud cry.

Some examples:

  • The baby was squalling (…estaba chillando).
  • There was a squall last night in Tenerife.
  • The people squalled with anger outside La Moncloa, protesting about the “sí es sí” law approved by Mr. Sanchez, the Spanish Prime Minister. In this context “squalled with anger” means shouted angrily.
  • Squall can also be used figuratively (figuradamente). There are financial squalls ahead (hay tormentas financieras por adelante…) in the European Union. This means that there are big financial problems to come: you could also say financial storms ahead.

In life there are many types of squalls apart from storms: political, financial, economic.


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