Is Mr. Sanchez spinning a yarn?

Is Mr Sanchez spinning a yarn

Probably. First, the uses and meanings of “yarn”. “Yarn” is a thread (hilo) used for knitting, weaving and sewing. People who use yarn may start with a “ball of yarn” (ovillo). As part of the process of making cloth (tela) a mortal will spin (hará girar) the yarn, perhaps starting with a ball of yarn.

Now, another, more interesting and figurative (figurativo) use of yarn. If a mortal tells a story, especially with exaggerated (exagerado) or false aspects, that mortal is “spinning a yarn” (this is an expression or “un dicho”). So to spin a yarn = inventar una historia.

Two examples:

  • Mr. Sanchez, the Spanish Prime Minister, is always telling us (spinning us) a yarn (…inventando una historia…) about how he has rescued (comó ha rescatado…) the Spanish economy.
  • He has spun a yarn (ha contado una historia inverosímil…) to the Spanish people. Do the Spanish people believe his yarns?

So, have you ever “spun a yarn”?


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