You will know the word cheese (queso). However, it is also used in idioms

(modismos). Here are some examples:

  •  “Hard cheese” (mala pata)
  •  Alejandro is a big cheese in the company (Alejandro es un pez gordo en…). You could also say he is a “big fish”.

If you are fed up with something (si estas harto de algo), you could say “I

am cheesed off” with a person or something. For example,

  •  I am cheesed off with Mr. Sanchez (estoy hasta las narices con…).
  •  I am cheesed off with La Laguna University.

Finally, if you are going to take a photograph of someone, and you would

like the person to smile, then one option is to ask them to “say cheese”.

Try it in the mirror. It produces a smile (una sonrisa).


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