New Year Resolutions?


It is an English custom or habit to “make New Year resolutions” (buenos propósitos para el Año Nuevo), that is, making a commitment to do or achieve something. Examples might be: to reduce weight by 10%, to get fit, to give up sugar, to pass the Cambridge English exam. Or the resolutions might be more profound (profundo).

So when you have made your New Year resolutions, you must “show resolution” (mostrarse resuelto) to achieve them.

One can also “make a resolution” that is general, that is, to resolve to do something (resolverse a hacer algo). Note the collocation with “make”.

“Resolution” has other uses. A meeting might pass a resolution, which is similar to “tomar un acuerdo”. One can also “put a resolution to a meeting”, putting it to the vote (someter una moción a votación).

So do you have any profound life changing resolutions for 2019?



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