Have you ever been “in a huff“. Perhaps. Mortals (mortales) sometimes get into a huff. “Huff” is similar to being angry (bastante similar a enojado o enfurruñado), and it is a noun and a verb (jalear, resollar).

Some examples of “being in a huff”:       

  • Mr. Sanchez is “in a huff” (está enojado y malhumorado). He is not happy with a situation and he is angry.
  • Mr. Podemos left the meeting in a huff (…salió la reunión enojado). This means that he left the meeting an unhappy man and in a bad mood.
  • Why are you “in a huff”? = Why are you angry and in a bad mood (…esta de mal humor)?

 A person can also “take the huff” (= ofenderse). Again this is a noun.  Two examples:

  • Mr. Corbyn, the Labour Party leader in the UK, took the huff (se ofendió…) at not being invited to Mr. Trump´s birthday party.
  • Mrs. Merkel normally takes the huff when she is not invited to visit the Queen of Great Britain.

Now as a verb. A person can huff (jalear, resollar). An example:

  • Mr. Putin was huffing (resollando y resoplando) and puffing after the race.

So, have you ever been “in a huff” about something? Perhaps.


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