More salt?

more salt

The phrase or idiom “are you worth your salt?” was reviewed recently. Click here to review it. Now 2 more phrases that use salt. Examine these.

  • We should take what Mr. Sanchez, the Spanish Prime Minister, says “with a pinch of salt”.
  • You may know one meaning of this phrase especially if you are the chef at home: una pizca de sal.
  • However, the phrase is also an idiom that refers to something should not be taken seriously or not to be believed. Perhaps in Spanish the phrase might be “tomarse algo con reservas”.
  • You should not “rub salt in a wound” (the expression is similar in Spanish: poner sal en la llaga). This means that you should not make a situation worse.

So you have many options. You can be worth your salt, sometimes rub salt into a wound to aggravate someone more, and take Mr. Sanchez´s claims with a pinch of salt.


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