Banana (plátano) is a word you will know. The word is also part of some interesting expressions.

Consider these:

• Sometimes people “go bananas”. This means that that they become very angry. Here is an example: my friend went bananas when he learnt that I had dented (to dent = abollar =en este contexto = “había abollado…) his new Porsche.

• Some countries are “banana republics” (repúblicas bananeras). This means that the country is probably bankrupt and run by a dictator. Venezuela is an example.

• A person can “slip (slip = resbalar) on a banana skin”. This can be literal, but normally this phrase means that the person makes a big mistake and looks stupid as a result. Some people say that Mr. Trump often “slips on banana skins” meaning that he says stupid things in unexpected (inesperadas) situations.

¡Bananas will never be the same again!


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